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Just to RE-ITERATE!! Thanks Again for putting life into words for me, FREE WEEZY!!!

You gotta have a listen to Bernie Alllen…. Travis Mccoy’s side project… one of many… Great music… I heard the didnt go tooo big with this because of contractual restrictions on Travis… Seems like it should be released…..

Heres the scoop on the solo project from Travie from Gym Class…..He’s one of the better rappers doing it big, bridging rap to every other demographic, clique, group, etc…

Some footage of Gym Class Heroe’s very own Travis McCoy @ ChopShop working with producer Stress The Whiteboy on their mixtape entitled - “Death Comedy Jam: Vol. 1”..

Keep an eye and ear out for this mixtape, to be released in the VERY NEAR FUTURE!

Songs such as “Can’t Wait”, “Come Down” f. Daytona, “Get High”, “When I Approach” f. Livin & Joe Budden (produced by Sev One), “The New Black” f. Every Time I Die & Freddy Madball, “Mexican Bar” f. TYGA, and much more!

Look for appearances by Peedi Crakk, Tame One, and more TBA

"I know quite a bit of people have been wondering what was up with the Travie mixtape (myself included). We finally get some more info and I must say it just upped my hype by 3. The above video is of Travis in the studio with Stress working on the said mixtape, Death Comedy Jam v.1 (releasing in the very near future). Guest spots from Joe Budden (dope!), Tyga, Peedi Crakk, Daytona, Tame One and more. Speaking of GCH, how about another joint off the upcoming album, The Quilt, which can be heard in it’s entirety over at MTV’s The Leak.”

Hello World

So, October 21st coming up, right? That juuuuuuust so happens to be my 23rd Birthday!! YAY!! YEAH!! HOOOORAY… Damn Im getting old fast, i still remember that freshman year back @ highschool… what was that, 2001? 2000 even?? Shit I dont fucking remember but I do remember how fucking easy shit was in high school and how life is a pain in the ass… Well tomorrows gonna be stupendous!

of this im sure… hahahaha 1love

Technology is an awesomely incredible entity…

Just testing out the txt t blog feature on tumblr brah….